<Health Literacy Project and Deliverable>

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Planning the delivery strategy that improves the health literacy of parents who have a child with measles in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
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1. Develop a health literacy strategy for a chosen population group.
2. Develop a project outline and project deliverable.

– Please write 200 words as part C “Delivery for the health literacy project”.
– Please refer to my writing about parts A and B as the base for part C.

<1> Health literacy project plan

– Part A) Topic: a communicable disease concern and rationale for choosing the communicable disease supported by evidence from the literature. (communicable disease – provide a rationale for selecting this – supported by literature)
– part B) Population: target population for the project and rationale for the chosen target population including issues relating to equity and social justice.
– Part C) Delivery: method of project delivery and rationale for why the method of the delivery was chosen, with evidence of best practice examples. (select a method to deliver the project and provide a rationale for why this method was chosen) * In the rubric: Critically analyses methods of health literacy intervention delivery, discussing rationale for chosen methods. Excellent rationale provided with high level evidence, and practice examples”.

– In my writing, the topic is “Measles” and the target population is “Children with measles in the Democratic Republic of the Congo”.
– You need to plan the delivery strategy that improves the health literacy of parents who have a child with measles in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It means the parents are the target audience of this delivery strategy.

– According to this unit tutor, health literacy is defined as “the cognitive and social skills which determine the motivation and ability of individuals to gain access to, understand and use information in ways which promote and maintain good health”. This goes beyond the concept of health education and encourages individuals and communities to take action towards their own health and wellbeing.

– The delivery strategy needs to be incorporated into interdisciplinary teamwork. The interdisciplinary team is professionals from a variety of health and/or non-health science-related disciplines Potential participants. For example, they are:
• Nurses: Registered; Enrolled; Assistant
• Doctors
• Allied health professionals: Physiotherapist; Occupational therapist
• Healthcare workers: Aboriginal healthcare workers
• Local council workers
• Translators
• Community liaisons

– The delivery strategy needs to be a base of <2 – Deliverable>.
Deliverable is a creative presentation such as a poster that improves the health literacy of the parents. It means the delivery strategy should explain the efficient and suitable delivery plan for the health literacy poster about measles.

Please explain the strategy specifically, for example, the delivery method, how to use it to improve health literary for the parents, what is the content of the method, how to deliver it, who plans or delivers the method. To sum up, it is a discussion about the rationale with practice examples for chose methods.

– You need to be aware that the Democratic Republic of the Congo is a developing county. Consider the social determinants of health, including equity and social justice in this country.

– The tutor mentioned that:
• If the population target group is likely to have a large number of illiterate people, you must take this into consideration
• If there is unreliable electricity or technology, then you need to consider this.
• Level of language and content needs to be appropriate for the audience.

– I’d like to focus on the poor access to measles vaccination in the Deliverable poster

– Use APA 7th and 6 scholarly sources (6 years or less)
– Include in-text citations.
– Use journal articles as many as possible. Each new point or piece of evidence must be attributed to the source.

<FAQ – related to the delivery strategy>

Q. In deliverable part: are we supposed to deliver/present whatever is written in the project outline (first part of the assignment), in simple words, that are understandable for our lay audience? Or, are we supposed to explain about the communicable disease itself and its prevention/treatment stuffs?
A. The deliverable is the developed item which you would use to deliver the health literacy message you discussed in your health literacy project plan. You should be identifying within section c of your health literacy project plan what you are delivering (method) eg a poster on preventing Malaria in rural populations in Nigeria, why you are delivering it this manner (rationale) citing the reasoning for your chosen method and linking this with evidence.
Using the example mentioned, the deliverable would be the poster – you would include any information and images required to enable the audience to understand the health literacy message. The wording will need to be understood by your audience.

Q1. I would like to know about project deliverable, i mean what things to include in deliverable part. For instance I am thinking to do a poster but not sure what things in include in the poster as each topic is so vast or broad.
if i chose HIV and had given the project outline with the rationale and include things which educate the selected population will that be fine.
A1. Selecting a component to focus on is appropriate but you must take into account
– the population group – those who will be viewing the poster
– that you’ve considered that the plan for a health literacy project incorporates interdisciplinary teamwork (don’t just focus on what the nurse is doing but what the team members may be doing when developing your poster/deliverable)
Your project outline must include all the components discussed in the task sheet – part of this considers equity and social justice in relation to the population group.

Q2. in the delivery “written section” you want us to discuss who will be involved in the creation, delivery and distribution of the poster, article, PPT etc and the POSTER is to be aimed at the client (such as the patient)?
A2. You’re developing a plan for the health literacy project and the plan is incorporating an interdisciplinary team – so yes – who is involved in the health literacy project and how. For example, local health workers or doctors as well as registered nurses may be involved in a project.
Population: this who the project is aimed at – as you must discuss equity and social justice, the group most affected by the communicable disease would be the best ones to focus on.

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