Review Chapter 3: “Customer Focus” in our Managing for Quality and Performance Excellence text. Complete all the steps below:

Step 1: Complete Projects, Etc. 6 on page 145 (minimum 1 page)

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Gather one or two customer satisfaction surveys or comment cards from local establishments.
Compare them to the samples in Figures 3.8, 3.9, and 3.10 (pages 127-129 of the text).
Analyze them as to their ability to lead to actionable information that will help the organization and propose any improvements or re-design you deem appropriate.
Step 2: Affinity Diagram problem (minimum 1 page)

Review the discussion of Affinity Diagrams on pages 111-112 of the text (including Figure 3.4).
Review the hypothetical list of barriers to on-time delivery of medications as determined by a process improvement study.
MGMT570 – Affinity Diagram Problem (DOCX)Preview the document
An Affinity Diagram can be useful for organizing information and identifying natural groupings for quality improvement.
Classify these barriers into 3-5 categories (such as Staff Issues, Process Problems, Procedural Roadblocks, Inadequate Equipment and the like). Develop an Affinity Diagram.
Step 3: Analyzing customer feedback problem. (minimum 2 pages)

Review the discussion about Analyzing and Using Customer Feedback on pages 126-131 of the text. We will use Problem 7 on page 144 of the text to analyze the results of a customer survey from Versatile Sporting Goods.
Read the description of Versatile given in the problem and look at the 9 attributes in the survey.
Results of the survey are included in the attachment.
Make a line graph of the “Friendliness of Employees” attribute.
A sample is included in the attachment: MGMT570 – Data for Chapter_3_Problem_7 (XLSX)Preview the document
Be sure to label the axes.
Analyze the data. What conclusion might you draw?
NOTE: a spreadsheet software program (such as Microsoft EXCEL) will be very useful in preparing this graph. If you are not familiar with graphing, see the Web site link in the Course Menu or do an Internet search. There are many good resources available for learning to make graphs. If you are not comfortable with automated graphs, you may make the graphs by hand. If all else fails or you get stuck, contact your Instructor for assistance and a tutorial.
Make a column graph of the “Knowledge of Products” attribute. Be sure to label the axes. Analyze the data. What conclusion might you draw? In your opinion, was the line graph or the column graph easier to use for analysis?
NOTE: a spreadsheet software program will be useful for this graph as well.


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