As identified by Dr. Bligh and in the book excerpts from the resources this week, there can be many causes for resistance to change among members of an organization. Effective change leaders will work to predict possible barriers to change during the planning stages, and then identify and work through resistance throughout the change process.
After reviewing the case study you selected, consider the following:
1. What forms of resistance to the proposed changes does the leader encounter?
2. Should he or she have anticipated this resistance before making the changes?
3. What should have been done to prevent or minimize this resistance?
4. How might he or she overcome this resistance now?
5. What advice would you give to the change leader going forward?
6. Post a summary of your responses to the above questions, citing examples from the resources to support your analysis of the case study. Be sure to identify which case study you selected
Case Studies
McNulty, E. (2002). Welcome aboard (But don’t change a thing). Harvard Business Review, 80(10), 32–40.
Payne, H. J. (2007). Hard times at Kelsey High: Issues of change, climate, and culture. Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies, 13(5), 25–29.

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