Explaining how the below two courses co-relate and help me perform my job better.

1) Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

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Negotiation and Conflict Resolution: Focus on the differences among negotiation, mediation and arbitration as well as identify the underlying issues giving rise to conflict.
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This course will focus on skills necessary for managers and business owners to effectively resolve conflicts and controversies associated with organizations. Focusing on the differences among negotiation, mediation and arbitration as well as the ability to identify the underlying issues giving rise to conflict or controversy is a most important part of negotiation. Also covered is resolving conflict in an ethical manner.

2)Team Management

This course will explore the psychological contract between leader and follower that take many forms between two people or between the leader and groups. Students will study group formation and group development as well as the intricacies of coaching, mentoring, and discipline.

My Job Description as a Technical Recruiter:

· Maintain full recruiting life cycle/end-to-end recruiting, marketing and retention.

· Recruit, interview, evaluate and conduct reference checks to determine qualifications.

· Evaluate, match and prepare qualified candidates that match client demand.

· Ensure satisfaction by supplying clients and candidates excellent customer service and expected results.

· Proactively develop applicant database via active recruiting, obtaining referrals and re-activating candidates.

· Negotiation of client fees structure, service agreements and candidate offer.

· Participate in industry trade associations and relevant networking events to build a strong local candidate pipeline.

· Leverage relationships for referrals and leads.

· Understanding of the employment process and follow appropriate compliance polices as defined by the organization.

· Putting in necessary learning and hard work to achieve the desired targets of monthly, quarterly, half yearly, annual results.

· Establish strong candidate and employee relationships.

· Review: Successfully review job descriptions in to understand the needs of the hiring manager as well to ask questions that’ll help you identify the right candidate(s). This is by far the most important skill a technical recruiter needs.

· Understand technology, technical roles and technical skills. Learn and evaluate your technical skills

· Identify: Sourcing and uncovering candidates

· Screen: Ascertaining the competence of candidates against a technical job description

· Interview: Meeting candidates in person, telephone, or video conference etc to assess their qualifications

· Following up: Keep your candidates in the loop. This goes a long way to build your credibility and keep your candidates either coming back to you or sending referrals to you. Read my article on following up with candidates and also why candidates are rude to their recruiters

· Present: Showing or offering candidate resume to hiring managers to scrutinize or consider

· The end result needs to be the presentation of employ-able and qualified candidates for technical positions in various industries and for job roles such as in software development, systems administration, database, architecture, business processes etc.

· Technology knowledge: Ability to understand technology and to keep abreast of technology trends at client company. See more on technology knowledge

· Inquisitiveness: Being able to ask questions of your sales/account managers (agency recruiters), clients (hiring managers) and your candidates

· Relationship Building: Start every conversation with the intent to build, develop and maintain relationships with your candidates.

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