Need help with my writing homework on World of Warcraft. Write a 2750 word paper answering; So when Blizzard announced that they were going to reveal their next project this September, the speculation ran rampant, as usual, as fanboys and industry dorks alike started guessing at the possibilities. STARCRAFT 2? Massively multiplayer DIABLO? A first-person shooter? The answer was finally revealed on September 2 at ECTS in London–and, as usual, everyone was wrong again.

Coming next from Blizzard is WORLD ΟF WARCRAFT, a massively multiplayer RPG set in the WARCRAFT universe. And although no one expected this, it is as exciting an announcement as they could have made. Finally, Blizzard is swooping down from that eagle-eye view and letting us play inside one οf their fantasy universes. Finally, instead οf commanding troops from above, we get to be mighty heroes ourselves, creating cur own personal legends.

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Need help with my writing homework on World of Warcraft. Write a 2750 word paper answering;
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It is Blizzard’s most ambitious game to date–and over the next 10 pages, the green-skinned CGW peons are ready to take you on a tour οf the now-living kingdom οf Azeroth in this exclusive first look, Zug Zug!

As any serious WARCRAFT geek knows, Blizzard has long had a huge story in place for its flagship universe–but most οf that story never appeared in the games themselves. But the WARCRAFT I and II designers were obviously frustrated story-tellers because they packed the manuals and subsequent novels with details οf a deeply thought-out fantasy world (somewhat reminiscent οf Raymond Feists great Riftwar Saga) that has just begged for further enrichment. Blizzard tried to build on the story in the never-released WARCRAFT ADVENTURES, and the fact that theyre coming back to it again–this time in an online RPG–just proves the level οf their obsession. (Bessière 530-5)

“The simple fact is that WARCRAFT is our flagship gig,” said Chris Metzen, longtime Blizzard veteran and “keeper οf the arcane flame” οf all WARCRAFT continuity. “DIABLO kicks ass, STARCRAFT kicks ass–Im partial to all&nbsp.οf them. But ultimately, we were like, f**k it, this is it–the WARCRAFT universe is Blizzard. There wasn’t much to think about. It was a perfect fit for this kind οf game.

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