Need help with my writing homework on What Are the Core Ideas behind Polyarchy. Write a 1250 word paper answering; Polyarchy is not only a term that is used for the political state of a country but is also a common term in organizational politics. It is a term used in directory and identity management to refer to organizational structures consisting of different hierarchical levels. These kinds of structures are extremely common in modern organizations. However such models are difficult to be seen in traditional directories. Today many companies such as the Burton Group, Bridgestream, Sun, Oracle, Novell, Trusted Network Technologies, and Microsoft commonly use this term (Wikipedia, 2007).

Dahl’s original theory of Polyarchal Democracy is presented in his 1956 book entitled, A Preface to Democratic Theory. Dahl presents eight conditions in this book, which measure the extent to which majority rule is in effect in an organization. These are as follows: the first condition says that every member of the organization performs the acts we assume to constitute an expression of preference among the scheduled alternatives, e.g., voting. secondly, in tabulating these expressions (votes), the weight assigned to each individual is identical or same. In other words, there is equality being practiced. the third condition is that the alternative with the greatest number of votes is declared the winning choice or in other words, only the contestant who gets the maximum vote win the election. the fifth condition is that any member who perceives a set of alternatives, at least one of which he regards as preferable to any of the alternatives presently scheduled, can insert his preferred alternative/s among those scheduled for voting. All individuals possess identical information about the alternatives. Alternatives whether the leaders or policies with the highest number of votes displace any alternatives (leaders or policies) with fewer votes.

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Need help with my writing homework on What Are the Core Ideas behind Polyarchy. Write a 1250 word paper answering;
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