Need help with my writing homework on The Movie Im Number Four. Write a 2000 word paper answering; By establishing the company, the producer can raise finance for the production of the film. The filmmaker is required to seek legal counsel regarding issues to deal with the entity’s formation, the tax consequences, and seek advice on state and federal securities law compliance.

Another legal requirement is the acquisition of intellectual property rights i.e. the screenplay rights. The acquisition of these rights is written on a purchase agreement book with the owner of the intellectual property as this will give the production company the right to acquire intellectual property.

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Need help with my writing homework on The Movie Im Number Four. Write a 2000 word paper answering;
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The film crew should be engaged in a written contract outlining their pay, duties, and conditions of work. If minors will be involved, the company should obtain written permission from the minor’s parents or legal custodians and comply with laws regarding minor employment.

Confidentiality is important in filmmaking since it ensures that the information regarding the movie’s production, crew/cast, and any other person involved in the production process are not shared with third parties without the consent of the involved persons (Klodt & Wosh, 2005 p 43).

John Smith and eight other children were sent to planet earth form Lorien, a foreign planet. Lorien was invaded by the Mogadorians who prior to their invasion, destroyed their own planet. The main reason for sending John Smith to earth is to protect him and Henri, a warrior guardian is assigned this duty. John Smith has supernatural abilities such as great strength, agility, and speed and possesses the power of telekinesis, the ability to transmit plasma light by use of his hands (Lore, 2010, p28).&nbsp.

The Mogadorians learn of the existence of these nine children and they come to planet earth to find and kill them. The Lorien can only be killed in a systematic manner, three are dead and John Smith is the next one, number four. John Smith gets to know of this and together with his guardian, they move to Paradise, an old farm in Ohio. Here, John befriends Sam Goode and Bernie Kosar, a dog. John falls in love with Hart, an amateur photographer, and her ex-boyfriend James Mark continuously torments them.

Mark, together with his friends, tries to capture John during the festival of the Halloween and they chase them into the woods, catch up with John, and beat him up. John uses his power to protect himself and Sarah. In this process, Sam witnesses John’s ability after which he comes to learn of his true identity. The local sheriff, who is Mark’s father, interrogates Henri on John’s whereabouts and notices that Henries’ residence has a state of the art surveillance system.

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