Need help with my writing homework on The Land Element. Write a 1250 word paper answering; The plan also entails creating open spaces and shaded places for the relaxation of the community in the urban areas. The parks and plazas will be synthesized to create stop breaks for those that will be walking or riding bikes for around 20 minutes. All this will be aimed at creating a relaxing environment for the residents. This will guide the decisions made to make Tempe an attractive city that will influence the development of the future.

School is an example of how land is used in Tempe. The schools have developed large open grounds that will be used for recreation by the students. Although generally known for education, these places are counted as one of the public spaces. The use of these grounds may be restricted by the school districts.

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Need help with my writing homework on The Land Element. Write a 1250 word paper answering;
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Zoning is a term used to divide and demarcate areas according to the related uses. This is defined by districts which basically lay down the rules and guidelines on how the land can be developed within that district. It gives and defines the rights to use property within the district. Zoning is intended to improve the value of the properties, protect the health of the public and also makes sure that the government service is of acceptable quality.

The goal for this type of land use is to majorly ensure that sustainable development is realized for the growth and enhancement of the quality of life where people learn, play, work and live. Among the objectives of the same include. the establishment of a higher density core which shall serve surrounding neighborhoods. The plot used to achieve this will be to utilize street patterns and facilities to connect to other hubs around the city. Also, redevelopment within the hubs shall be encouraged. Aspects like the celebration of vital historic buildings and sites around the city shall be embraced.

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