Need help with my writing homework on Perpetual-Motor Synergies. Write a 1250 word paper answering; Developmental processes use sensory or perceptual skills coupled with motor skills in developing a whole process. The perceptual-motor skills result in the interaction between motor actions and sensory perception in the increasingly skillful and complex behaviors. Visual, tactile, and auditory sensory abilities combined efforts contribute to motor skills and development of perceptual-motor abilities.

Perceptual-motor components include spatial awareness, body awareness, temporal awareness, and directional awareness. Body awareness translates to a child’s developing capacity in understanding body parts, as well as the body parts potential. The component makes the human body includes effective and efficient body capabilities. Spatial awareness includes knowledge of the amount of space the human body occupies coupled with ways of using the body to move around the space (Gaines & Missiuna, 2007, p 329). Directional awareness is inclusive of an understanding of the direction and location of the human body within the immediate space. The component extends to the establishment of a directionality understanding and objects. Temporal awareness refers to the development of awareness based on relationships between time and movement. Skills in this aspect involve temporal awareness such as rhythm and sequence. The overall events sequence uses various forms of rhythm or patterns that reflect temporal awareness. The perception of a person impacts the interpretation of every action (Hodge, 1998, p 8). The manner in which young children perceive the world impacts on the type of physical risks the groups are willing to engage in. Children with overly fearful behavior perceive threats in environments that other children do not. Developing motor activities helps children in gaining confidence and benefits of each action.

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Need help with my writing homework on Perpetual-Motor Synergies. Write a 1250 word paper answering;
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