Need help with my writing homework on My Visiting Las Vegas. Write a 1250 word paper answering; &nbsp.When you visit Hoover Dam, it’s really hard not to be overcome by the amount of work that had to have gone into building the structure. It sweeps up out of the canyon to such a height that it makes people at the bottom difficult to pick out among the other spots of darkness down there. It’s so graceful and smooth, you almost feel like it would be fun to slide down the side, even though it would be suicide to do so. Lake Mead is on the other side of the dam, providing a sparkling contrast to the thin strip of a river you see flowing away on the first side. The mountainsides on either side of the dam show white water marks where the lake levels used to be before so many people moved in and started making more demands on the water supply, which really makes you start to think about what can be done to conserve more water. It’s also kind of interesting to stand in the middle of the dam, where you can have one foot in Nevada and one foot in Arizona while you’re standing about 700 feet above the ground and in the middle of the Colorado River. The tour of the dam is interesting, too, because you’re allowed to walk around inside the dam and see what makes it work to help generate power. Some places on the wall seem a little damp as you walk through, which makes you think even more about the almost 100 men who died while building the dam and what would happen if the concrete walls just decided to stop holding together all of a sudden.

After touring the inside of the dam, it was a relief to get back out into open air and away from the center of the river in order to take an air tour of the area. The views of the Grand Canyon were especially amazing, thinking about how the river that had been contained by the dam had also carved out these amazing shapes through sheer rock to such an&nbsp.incredible depth.&nbsp.

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Need help with my writing homework on My Visiting Las Vegas. Write a 1250 word paper answering;
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