Need help with my writing homework on Machinery Planning Exercise. Write a 1250 word paper answering; Owing to the nature of farming activities that will take place at the farm, a number of different machinery will be necessary. As a professional in the agricultural field, I would recommend the following for the farm or landowner.

The soil in the farm is loamy hence soft. Because of this, the purchase of a sub-soiler and the plough will put into consideration the purchase of a machine with higher speed value. The farm is an extensive farm where manual labour cannot be exclusively employed. For this reason, the machinery becomes necessary in the provision of service as a form of mechanization certain machinery will be needed for planting, soil cultivation, harvesting, sorting, irrigating and fertilizing among other farm activities. For instance, chaser bins will be required to transport the produce to the trucks that are headed for the road for them to be transported to the silos. Tractors, which are composed of the caterpillar tractor, the common farm tractor (four-wheel drive) and the two-wheel tractor as well as the farm truck will be required. They will be mostly applied during cultivation of the soil. Other necessary machines include the cultivator, chisel plough, sub-soiler and the mulch tiller. Their other machinery will be needed for planting. These include a large seed driller, row planter, pesticide sprayer, the broadcast seeders and the mulch layer. A Lexion combine harvester will be most appropriate for harvesting purposes in order to save on costs. It is appropriate since it can harvest all the available types of crops such as wheat and is also capable of picking and cleaning as it sorts them out from the junk. The other necessary equipment for harvesting will be the bean harvester. However, for purposes of harvesting soya bean and the winter oilseed rape it will need to be adjusted while a distinct header will be required while harvesting the sunflower.

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Need help with my writing homework on Machinery Planning Exercise. Write a 1250 word paper answering;
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