Need help with my writing homework on IT Project Risk Management. Write a 4000 word paper answering; Efficient and successful project management requires effective management of all avenues that bring uncertainty into the project. The paper is structured into phases that outline how project risk management typology can be achieved effectively. The phases include the defined phase, focus phase, identify issue-phase, Structure the Issues phase, Clarify the ownership phase, Estimate Variability phase, Evaluate the Overall Implications phase, and manage the implementation phase.


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Need help with my writing homework on IT Project Risk Management. Write a 4000 word paper answering;
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Currently, knowledge has been earmarked as an indispensable ingredient to innovative companies and to their overall objective of maintaining a competitive advantage over their rivals. In particular, knowledge has become an important factor in the development of dynamic key competencies, as well as the vocal point for companies to meet their global ambitions (Talet, Zin & Houari, 2014). IT, in particular, has become an important tool in all important sectors, and any organization will highly feel the impact of any failure of IT project management on competitive advantage. California Technology Agency (2011) asserts that most of the business managers are not privy to the magnitude of IT-related risks in project management a firm will be exposed. Most of these managers are only able to learn the value of IT-related risks after they have computed the amount of damage the risk has brought about. According to Leong California Technology Agency, (2011) past research studies have primarily been concerned with how effective IT-related risks may be analyzed and compensated for. Therefore, it would be imperative for IT managers constantly to embrace the holistic view of IT project risk management rather than just focusing only on financial issues. There exist little empirical research studies showing the correct way of handling the management of the risks of the IT-related project during the launching of the project.

Problem Statement

Though a myriad of studies has been done in regards to I.T project risk management, (California Technology Agency, 2011, Haney, 2009, Talent, Zin &Houari, 2014, & Texas Tech University, n.d), there is still little empirical research on how effective IT risk management can be handled at the time of executing projects.

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