Need help with my writing homework on Improving Performance in Cool Foods. Write a 2000 word paper answering; While the company&nbsp.Cool Foods has already established a clear lead in the market, it becomes important that such a position is retained and at the same time the growth potential of the company is made use of. For this purpose, the company should have a clear business focus in the following two broad areas that determine the outstanding characteristics of any manufacturing enterprise. The areas are:

With clear policies on the above areas, the company would be able to achieve the maximization of the manufacturing platform which is at the root of the success of any organization. Apart from the above, the company should also focus on the enhanced raw material sourcing facility for a drastic reduction in the manufacturing costs.

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Need help with my writing homework on Improving Performance in Cool Foods. Write a 2000 word paper answering;
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Delivering outstanding customer service is an essential part of any market development exercise. In this area the company may look into the following areas which will enable the company to sustain the customer leadership established by the company:

New product innovation and bringing them into the market before the competitors are the basic element in any marketing strategy. Hence much depends on the number of new premium and quality products that the company is able to focus on will further increase the market share of the company

Brand Portfolio management is an area which needs the management’s attention to increase the brand loyalty of the customers to the existing brands and promoting new and attractive brands to expand the market for the company’s products

The company can look into new streams of business in the areas of Dairy Products – Milk, Cultured, Cheese and Grocery products – Flour, Pasta, Spreads, Oils, Cake Mixes with a possibility too, later on, integrate these new streams of businesses with the existing Bakery Stream

Another area that can be looked into the establishment of ‘Cool Food Fresh’ and Cool Food Home Ingredients’ to market the existing as well as the new streams of products in the existing and newly expanded markets where the company can introduce new products derived out of product innovations in any of the business streams identified.

Market expansion to unexplored countries and markets with long shelf life products is clearly another area the company can consider.

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