Need help with my writing homework on Hunting Methods of Early Man. Write a 1250 word paper answering; The early man is divided into three stages, and in each stage, man evolved in his hunting skills. The three stages associated with the early man are. the Lower Paleolithic period (the early Stone Age period), the Middle Paleolithic period (the middle stone age) and the upper Paleolithic period (upper Stone Age). Due to evolution, tools used in hunting also evolved and the skills used in hunting also evolved. The discovery of fire in the middle Stone Age meant that hunting had gone a notch higher, as the early man could now use fire in his hunting missions. Fire could also be used in cooking the food obtained, and in doing so, the early man could be able to remove the toxins from the food. Hunting methods, therefore, cannot be summed up as one method among the various stages of evolution. Hunting methods also depended on the evolution stage as well as the size of the animal being hunted. For example, one man could not have hunted a big animal being alone, and this is where group hunting came in. During the earliest stage of evolution, man used tools known as old wan tools. The tools and weapons at this stage were crude, but they still helped the early man in his hunting. He was then capable of throwing the stone tools at an animal within a certain interval. This technique made sure that the animal aimed at was hit at the most sensitive area, such that it could easily die. This was also made possible by the fact that man was living on trees. therefore they could wait for animals to pass and then throw daggers at them. Early man was able to butcher large animals by the use of spears. Hunting was a risky business, but by use of spears, the early man could go on hunting at a safer distance. Most of these animals were gazelles and other animals that walk in groups. Another method that was used by the early man was the use of traps. The traps were aimed to capture dangerous animals which could not have been hunted by the normal tools and by an individual person. During this stage, the man did not have a bipedal walking pattern but instead used all&nbsp.four to walk.

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Need help with my writing homework on Hunting Methods of Early Man. Write a 1250 word paper answering;
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