Need help with my writing homework on Hudson River Accident. Write a 1250 word paper answering; The airplane that was involved in the crash was an Airbus A320-200 that had been delivered to the United States airways company in 1999. As of the date of the accident, the plane had an accumulated 25241 flight hours and had completed 16299 total cycles.

The CFM International CFM56-5B4/P dual rotor turbofan plane engines were manufactured by the General Electric Company and Snecma in France (Copperwaite, 26). It had met all the joint aviation authorities’ standards and regulations and was certified as being safe for use. Both engines were manufactured separately and were installed on the plane on different days. At the time of installation, the left engine had an accumulated 19182 flight hours while the right had 17916, both of these had been maintained according to aviation regulations. the structure of the engine comprises an inlet area that has a ducted fan that is driven by a gas turbine, a low-pressure compressor, a high-pressure compressor, a combustor, a high-pressure turbine, a 4 stage low-pressure turbine, and an exit exhaust nozzle.

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Need help with my writing homework on Hudson River Accident. Write a 1250 word paper answering;
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Each of the engines on the plane had to have a bird injection engine certification. This test involves volleying of birds of various sizes into the engines of a plane during takeoff to determine the effects of such an event. In both these cases, it was established that such a move could not lead to engine failure (NTSB, 16). Such a scenario is known as a bird strike and the engines are usually manufactured in a manner that ensures the plane is not damaged from such an incident. A report approved by the Federal Aviation Administration and the DGAC (Direction Generale de L’Aviation Civile) showed that the engines had passed all the required tests. In 2007 there was an amendment to these rules and a new class of rules was introduced to test the fan blades, this ensured there was a harmonization in the bird ingestion&nbsp.standards for turbine engines by the FAA and European Aviation Safety Agency.

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