Need help with my writing homework on Himeji Castle. Write a 1250 word paper answering; These tourists come to feast their eyes on the great artistry projects, as well as the rich historical background that emanates from the castle.

The exact location of this stately piece of historical art is at Hyogo Prefecture, in Japan. The castle stands out as one of the most resplendent castles in the country because of its age-old history, as the oldest castle still in existence within Japan, as well as its beautiful architectural artistry that resonates with the deep Japanese culture, and essentially the eastern way of life. As such, the culture holds a lot of both historical, as well as cultural foundations for the town of Hyogo, and to the entire Japanese population in general. The castle still stands strong despite its age, constructed in the seventeenth century, and its construction material. This is because the entire structure was carved out of wood.

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Need help with my writing homework on Himeji Castle. Write a 1250 word paper answering;
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The construction of the Himeji castle is reminiscent of the famous shogun era, especially in relation to the architectural style of the building. For instance, the castle encloses a staling 83 interlinking buildings within its folds. These are actually an ingenious network of defense chambers and systems built with the specific purpose of reinforcing the power of the army. The castle appears like a bird soaring up in the sky because of the numerous arched roofs that it has, with each arched roof of the castle layering above the other. Furthermore, white earthen plaster covers both the interior, as well as the exterior walls of the castle, from the walls all the way to the rafters. This earthen plaster gives the castle an irremovable sheen, thereby earning it the name “The White Heron of Japan”. As such, the castle stands proudly on its soil as its tail extends skywards.

The interior architectural design of the house is exemplary in such a way that it defines the deep Japanese culture, as well as the unique historical background of the eastern culture. As mentioned above, the creation of the entire castle is made up of wood, and as such, this gives the Himeji castle a unique finishing both outwards and inwards. Wood finishing makes a building exquisite in a unique sense of the way, and this is among the reasons why the Himeji castle still stands a landmark of history, as well as rich cultural background for the Japanese people, and the entire eastern culture. Built during the imperial era, the castle also connotes features of the historical leadership of Japan, its monarchial system, and the royal leadership of the country. This makes the castle a stately building, considering its features, its design, its color, and the arrangement of its layers.

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