Need help with my writing homework on Haddaway. Write a 250 word paper answering; Full Analysis of “What is Love” “What is Love” performed by Haddaway (, is an appeal of a man to a woman forher not to hurt him anymore. The man asks the question, “What is love?” and but never provides an answer. However, he mentions what he understands how love is expressed such as being there for the woman and wanting to be with her and no other woman. The song intends for the man to ask the woman to be one with him. Nevertheless, it also portrays their affair as troublesome because the woman seems to keep on hurting the man despite his efforts to show his true love to her. The woman seems to be an absentee lover who is not always there when the man needs her. The intended audiences of the song are women. It is suggested that they should remain faithful to the man and not keep on hurting them.

The video is quite ironic because the song is a plea to a woman not to hurt the man. However, the portrayals seem to show that the man is a womanizer, with the different women presented flirting with the man. This gives the idea that the man indeed does not know and understand what love is, and therefore, the question. Although the man claims he cannot go on without the woman, it seems he also cannot go on without the others. Moreover, the man pleads the woman not to hurt him anymore but he seems to keep on hurting the woman himself. Therefore, the character of the singer is questionable. In effect, the emotional connection is not strong and so with the logical argument.

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Need help with my writing homework on Haddaway. Write a 250 word paper answering;
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Haddaway. “What is Love”. (2006). Web. March 14, 2013..

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