Need help with my writing homework on Godels Paradox. Write a 1750 word paper answering; He mathematically proved that any mathematical system difficult enough to include basic arithmetic must all the times be either incomplete or inconsistent. Incomplete would imply there are correct mathematical statements which are impossible to verify or prove using the system. Inconsistent is not a good object for a mathematical system because it means the ability to prove two contradictory statements using the system. Since the theory is applicable to all mathematics, it means that true mathematical statements will always exist which people cannot prove using mathematics.

In the video, “Voodoo Voodoo,” the storyteller portrays his incident of singing a song and experiencing a unique event occurring. The narrator and his friends were having a swim in the sea with no waves present, they all made a chant. However, after the chanting, a wave appeared and the chanting became a usual habit whenever they went swimming in the sea. The reason voodoo is best portrays probability and not through the parapsychology is because of the repetition. In the video, they all chanted “Voodoo Voodoo” many times until the wave appeared. The fact that the chant was repeated many times makes it more possible for the wave to match the timing of the chant. “Voodoo Voodoo” is finely illustrated by probability because through chance (the mantra) to made the waves come. There is a probability of chance to take place. The more one tries, the more he/she tries putting into the probability in optimism it will occur. There could be a 50% chance that it could really work. To clarify “Voodoo Voodoo” with parapsychology would be tricky. Parapsychology is difficult to be proven by science.

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Need help with my writing homework on Godels Paradox. Write a 1750 word paper answering;
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