Need help with my writing homework on Factors That Influence Students’ Success. Write a 1250 word paper answering; In order to ensure that this is the case, disabled students’ IEP’s should be given first priority when a teacher develops his or her lesson plans.&nbsp. Disabled students should always be included in the overall lesson plan and be given the least restrictive learning environment, as dictated by law.&nbsp.

A disability can limit a student’s capacity to learn at his or her highest levels because there are barriers to his or her success.&nbsp. He or she must overcome several hurdles just to be able to keep up with other students. Students have difficulty learning when their ability to function is hindered somehow.&nbsp. For example, students with visual difficulties may have trouble seeing their assignments properly. Students with hearing problems may mishear the teacher.&nbsp. Also, they may not hear important instructions such as on a quiz or test.

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Need help with my writing homework on Factors That Influence Students’ Success. Write a 1250 word paper answering;
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Students with time-constraints disabilities may need more time to complete tasks.&nbsp. As such, it may be difficult for them to work under time pressure that other students don’t have difficulties with, basically because they are relatively normal. Students with embarrassment issues may be too shy to finish a quiz or test late, and thus will hand in unfinished work. It is the teacher’s responsibility to make sure that these students also have the same shot at receiving a good grade as those without embarrassment. Students who have anxiety should be placed in a relaxed atmosphere and be allowed to try to complete quizzes and tests in an atmosphere that is non-threatening.&nbsp. Likewise, students who have difficulty processing information should be given more time on quizzes and tests in order to fully understand everything that is being presented to them.

Early learning signs of learning disabilities should be diagnosed quickly so that students can get the help they need.&nbsp. Teachers should refer students to the appropriate counseling professionals in the school should they notice that students are having trouble with the material, either because they can’t hear, see, or have an otherwise impending difficulty of some sort.

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