Need help with my writing homework on Conflict Skills Inventory. Write a 500 word paper answering; Conflict Skills Inventory Instruction: Conflict Assessment Questions and Answers Results 8/10 11/12 17/19 23/20 22/23

Avoidance Competition Compromise Totals Accommodation Totals Collaboration Totals Totals

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Need help with my writing homework on Conflict Skills Inventory. Write a 500 word paper answering;
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1. Without naming full names, who were the two people that you selected to take the assignment on your behalf?

One is my best friend James who is my work mate and the other one is my close pastor.

Why did you choose these two people?

I chose these two people because they are close to me and know most of my traits. We have been together with both of them for a long time hence they understand me in and out. Most importantly, they do not fear me and they tell me point blank the reality of the matter irrespective of my side hence I knew they could gauge about me without fear or favor. Second, being my friend I understood they were doing it for the better part of me and for my improvement.

2. What were your scores on each of the five conflict styles at work or another non-home environment? What were your scores in your home/family environment*?

According to my ratings, I had scored this way. avoidance 6, competition 8, compromise 20, accommodation 25 and collaboration 26. According to how I rate myself, I would say that I am very collaborative and therefore ready to compromise for foster robust accommodation. In matter relating to home/family environment I have a balance as I reacted the same way I would have reacted in non-home environment.

3. What were the results of each of the people who took the assessment, the assessment on your behalf?

The results of the people who rated me were as follows. James gave me 8 scores at avoidance while my pastor gave me 10 on the same style. On competition I scored 11 and 12 from James and Pastor. On compromise styles I scored, James and pastor 17, 19. About accommodation style I scored 23 for James and 20 for pastor and on collaboration I scored 22 for James and 23 for pastor.

4. What reaction and/or impressions did you have when you compared and contrasted your results with those of the two people who took the assessment on your behalf? Any surprises or not and why?

I noted that sometimes it is very hard for an individual to perfectly rate himself as there some traits that outsiders can observed and conclude while you may not be taking those traits as having ground on your character. After comparing my friends’ results with mine, I found out that I had overrated myself in the styles such as compromise, accommodation and collaboration and underrated myself on avoidance and competition styles. Even though I had performed well on the styles, I was not surprised by my friend opinions as they came closer to my rating only that my results were extreme as I believed I adored the styles I like most.

5. Based on this assignment, what insights did you gain about yourself? Did the results reinforce what you already know about your primary conflict style(s) or not, and why?

These results have reinforced my character as well as challenged me to work extra harder and change for the better so that my beliefs and values can be well articulated and people get to understand them fully. I have learnt from this exercise that I must be able to accommodate all views and assess them critically so that I can make critical decision which is rational. I have also learnt that compromise is a bitter choice but must be given preference when a person want to create a level playing field for feuding competitors. Moreover, to prolong peace and harmony compromise styles is an excellent choice that a mediator can exploit to unify feuding peoples, communities or governments. In addition, the results from my bosom allies have made me to realize my weakness and identify areas I need to work on to improve cohesion and public relations. I have also discovered that all these conflict styles can be applied at particular time depending on the nature of the conflict.


Welmot, W. & Hocker, J. (2006). Interpersonal Conflict by Wilmot & Hocker. New York: McGrawHill.

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