Need help with my writing homework on Cell Phones and Car Accidents. Write a 1250 word paper answering; Visual and manual distractions occur while texting or handling the phone and cognitive distraction occurs under all conditions in which a cell phone is used. Specifically, cell phones cause a disturbed reaction time and impaired visual patterns. The drivers are unable to maintain the required speed and place on the road. They also cannot maintain a secure distance from other cars, and they lose a sense of their surroundings and the ongoing traffic.

The number of car accidents caused by the use and abuse of cell phones is getting higher and higher as cell phones are becoming a bigger part of our society. In 2011, the National Safety Council (NSC) came up with an estimate of about 23 percent of all traffic crashes caused by cell phones. This totaled about 1.6 million crashes. Out of this, about 1.4 million crashes have drivers using their cell phones and 200,000 crashes are caused by texting.

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Need help with my writing homework on Cell Phones and Car Accidents. Write a 1250 word paper answering;
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A Nationwide Insurance public opinion poll of 2008 showed that 81 percent of cell phone users have admitted to using a cell phone while driving. The use of cell phones, both handheld, and hands-free, leads to a fourfold increased risk of a crash. Texting alone tends to increase the risk of a car crash by 8 times. According to the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis in 2003, the annual cost of crashes caused by cell phones was estimated at $43 billion, and this has increased quite significantly since then.

What are the reasons that make cell phones so dangerous while driving? How can such a useful device prove to be so fatal when used in a car? Numerous studies have been carried out to see the effects of cell phone usage on driving and all of them have concluded that cell phones present one of the greatest risks to safe driving and hence should not be used while driving.

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