Need help with my writing homework on Animal rights and non-western views. Write a 250 word paper answering; Animal rights and non-western views Affiliation People have for a very long time failed to view the concept of equality and liberation from the point of view of other animal species. In many cases, humans have mistreated and misused animals for their owe benefits with no attention given to their feelings and emotions. The views held by animal rights advocates such as Tom Regan clearly illustrate how animals should be treated. Unlike the view that humans owe animals no moral obligation, I believe that humans should accord the same rights accorded to fellow humans to other animal species. Opponents of animals rights have argued that these animals are totally different form humans, and therefore humans are superior and do not owe animals any moral obligations. Such an argument fails to recognize that even within the human species, there are obvious differences- skin colors, sex, and intelligence level among others (Singer, 1989). Yet, these differences do affect how human rights are enjoyed. Therefore, human beings out to respect other non-human animal species the same way they do for their fellow humans. Secondly, animals, just like humans, have interests since they suffer the same way human do. Unlike other non living things, animals have feelings similar to humans’ (Singer, 1989). It is then absurd to subject such animals to harsh and extreme treatments since this will amount to denying these animals their interests. Therefore, the treatment that appears harsh and unbearable to humans should not be extended to other animal species because they too have feelings. Finally, opponents of animal rights have argued that human beings have intrinsic or natural dignity that needs to be protected all the time. As a result, humans cannot be treated like other animal species, and therefore, no human has a moral obligation towards animals (Singer, 1989). What such groups fail to show what characteristic makes humans earn this dignity and not other animal species.


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Need help with my writing homework on Animal rights and non-western views. Write a 250 word paper answering;
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Singer, P (1989). All Animals Are Equal. In T. Regan & P. Singer (eds.), Animal Rights and Human Obligations (pp. 148-162). New Jersey: Prentice-Hall.

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