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The term golden selection was first used by Martin Ohm in the 1835 2nd edition of his textbook Die Reine Elementar-mathematic (Livio 200, p.6). The first known use of this term in English is found in the James Sulley’s 1875article on aesthetics in encyclopedia Britannica 9th edition. The term golden ratio is also referred to us golden ratio, divine proportion, or golden selection, is the number often used when talking about ratios lengths in simple geometrics figures like pentagon and decagon. Golden ratio is denoted by ф (“phi”) which was first used by Mark Barri in the beginning of the 20th century in the remembrance of the Greek Sculptor Phidias, who was claimed by a number of historians who made extensive use of the golden ratio in his work.

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Philosopher Heinrich Agrippa a German magician came up with a drawing of a man over a pentagram in the 16th –century inside a circle which denoted a relationship to the golden ratio. An Italian nationalist Leonardo da Vinci at around 1466- 1476 gave illustration of polyhendra on the divine quantity and his views of bodily quantities to display the golden ratio which made some scholars to speculates that he included golden ratio in his paintings. Mondrian also used the golden sections in his geometrical paintings widely. Vitruvian Man is a drawing created by Leonardo da Vinci in 1490. Salvador Dali, a Spanish nationalist swans reflecting elephant in1937. Piet Mondrian major painting works was Museum of Modern, Art in New York City and Post-impressionist work in 1908.He was a Dutch nationality. Mondrian who was born in Amersfoort in, Netherlands, was introduced to an art by his father at the tender age he used to draw and paint along the River Gain (Olsen, 2006).

A pentagram with colors exhibiting various segments of the lengths. The four outlined lengths are in terms of the golden ratio which is used in illustrating the elegant and mathematical nature of pentagram.

Golden rhombus it is one of the rhombic triacontahedrons rhombi

This is a golden ratio in a regular pentagon it shows the application of Ptolemy’s theorem to the quadrilateral and is made by removing a vertex from a regular pentagon which yields b/a=phi,

All the faces of rhombic triacontahedron are golden rhombi


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