Need an research paper on working with diverse clients. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. Religion emphasizes the importance of upholding moral values that help to streamline an individual’s life and lead him or her to choose righteousness. Through religion, believers practice behaviors that cannot harm them or their neighbors. For instance, religion helps members of societies to choose good over wickedness, fair practices over injustices, truth over deception, and inspire living in harmony.

Working with clients with strong religious beliefs means their perceptions and actions will be consistent and based on righteousness. I am, therefore, very comfortable working with such people because nothing is likely to go wrong. The problem arises when such clients ‘hijack’ precious business time to ‘enlighten’ anybody around about the essence of religion to human life.

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Need an research paper on working with diverse clients. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.
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The views about the Latino culture as presented in this chapter are consistent with my experience. For instance, I concur with Diller (2010) that the Latino culture is highly group-centered. The culture places a strong emphasis on family as the first group institution that guarantees one’s identity and security against the challenges of life.

Like the author, my experiences of Native American culture reveal that the society believes in sharing and working together though self comes first. Native Americans emphasize the need to build strong families based on acceptable values. Members of the community also recognize extended families and tend to work in harmony. At the workplace, the community tends to hate interference from outside.

A majority of my perceptions about the community come from the archeological evidence and cultural activities practiced by the community. I have also had the opportunity to interact with them in school and in religious settings.

I can expand my knowledge of the culture of the community by reading more books related to the community. Additionally, watching their cultural activities such as songs, movies, art, and visiting the community to get a grasp of the first-hand information regarding the cultural values would also help.

I believed that African American values on the family are comparable to those of other communities of American society. I thought that the community’s ideals only vary according to geographic location, educational backgrounds, and existing economic conditions. However, Diller (2010) has pointed out the uniqueness of the African American families to other communities of the United States communities and groups.

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