Need an research paper on the running fence in the natural locations. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism. The running fence was a sight of beauty because the frames were planted across the hills of Sonoma and Marin. This hill range is basically a landmark in California in America. The artists had a very convenient yet interesting ideal about the running fence as they kept 18 foot high. The real hard work and the creativity of the artists were visible when the visitors witnessed 2050 panels of white fabric designed and attached to the frames with the help of hooks. The hooks are notably considered to be more than 300, 000 (Spies and Völz). Space which was covered by the artists included private property but notably, these landowners were quite helpful to the artists. This was mainly because the landowners also wanted to witness a running fence of a cloth namely nylon. The most significant information about the art piece is that it was designed and structured because it was the main subject of the artists’ documentary (Spies and Völz). Once the documentary was done completely, it relatively needed the un-installation process. The land mowers uninstalled the running fence within the fourteen days of its plantation on the site. Some of the critical appraisals mentioned that running fence was basically besieged by the environmentalist for many reasons. These included the plantation in the land where plants needed special care (Spies and Völz). A large number of photographic sessions were also undertaken in order to preserve the art piece as it was planned to be uninstalled within the first two weeks. The purpose of the photographic session was to preserve the setup as it was temporary. The interpretation of the artwork is always taken to its core by analyzing the preserved material. Thus, the project was filmed with complete accuracy. The reporters at the time of the plantation of running fence projected the overall cost and mentioned it to be more than $30 million (Spies and Völz). It should also be noted that the artist main motive was to keep the running fence in the natural locations and did not want to cut any road. It is for this reason that the running fence is passing by Barns, Farms, etc. which are present on the hills only. The title is quite descriptive for the artwork itself and does not confuse the visitors about the main purpose of the art piece which was to keep a fence running long ways.

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Need an research paper on the running fence in the natural locations. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.
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