Need an research paper on the pilot study sequence. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism. This chapter presents the methodology of the study. It describes the procedure that will be followed in conducting the study. It comprises the project design, iBook’s Author, and the pilot study. The pilot study includes setting and participation, and instrumentation procedure, analysis, and ethical considerations.

Project Design

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Need an research paper on the pilot study sequence. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.
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The design of the eBook centered on the ADDIE design process. Before the design process took place, monthly planning meetings were scheduled with subject matter experts as well as with the course instructor to plan out the content of the eBook. Taking into account the level of students in the course and the clinical nature of the course work, content that focused on practical clinical knowledge was made a priority for the eBook (M Nilsson, Nilsson, Pilhammar, & Wenestam, 2009).

It was decided, however, that the content of the book must match the delivery of the content. Clinical students are expected to demonstrate proficiency through their ability to apply content learned in the classroom to patients themselves. Because of the nature of the medical profession, clinical students must demonstrate deep analytical skills in which the student must diagnose and provide treatment for such diagnosis (Malau-Aduli, et al., 2013). Therefore, since the eBook was developed for such student stakeholders, it was agreed upon to develop an eBook that delivered content through an explanatory and problem-based learning model.

The development of the eBook occurred after the subject matter experts compiled the content of the eBook. The content was broken down into two main sections: 1) Neuroanatomy section and 2) Pathology section. The Neuroanatomy section of the book centered its content on the review of the anatomy of the brain. Subject matter experts provided multiple Computer Tomography Scans (CT Scans) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scans (MRI Scans) of healthy brains. This information was essential for students to progress adequately through the book, for much of the terminology and the images throughout the eBook would refer back to this section (Cotter & Cohan, 2011). This section also served as a glossary for those who needed to review basic information. The Pathology section introduced students to neurological ailments. The content for this section provided students with the information required to learn specific neurological ailments they might experience in the clinical setting. Subject matter experts, understanding that this section prepared students for their clinical rounds, provided real-world images of brains inflicted with these ailments.

Because it was decided that the delivery of the content would be explanatory and problem-focused, the eBook was designed with maximum interactivity in mind. Therefore, rather than designing a static eBook that could be read by both eReaders and tablets, an iPad-specific eBook was developed (Gallegos, 2013). This was decided by all stakeholders of this project since all students in the Neurology clerkship program were assigned iPads when admitted into the program.

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