Need an research paper on the physics of pool. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism. In order to control the energy of the ball by how low or how hard the stroke should be, then kinetic energy is very important. To get more velocity one has to make the stroke harder thus giving it more kinetic energy (Marlow, 1995). The kinetic energy then takes the ball through a longer distance to overcome the forces of friction and come to a stop.

In a pool game collusions are always present. In many instances when hitting a ball head-on, the ball with which the collision was made will travel in the same direction and in case of an angular collision, the balls in most instances would not collide in the same manner. Most collusion always results to the balls deflecting in various angles (Marlow, 1995). In most case the players always strikes in such manner that the same ball also strikes another ball at an angle this also involves the principles of collusions such that one has to give it the right amount of energy so that when the energy is transfer to the other balls, the intended ball is hit with the right amount of energy (Tait, 1899).

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Need an research paper on the physics of pool. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.
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Again the net force that is applied to the balls always causes the ball to rotate around its center of mass (Davies, 1979). For the rotational speed to change there has to be a change in the net external interaction on the object. When the cue ball is rotating, and since rotational momentum must be conserved the cue ball will spin at the same angular velocity as it was before the collision and the ball then starts to roll (Davies, 1979).

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