Need an research paper on the ontology of photographic image. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism. However, it was not perfectly considered as photography. It is also claimed by Andre Bazin that the personality of an author is always reflected by the work of art, whereas the image created through photography does not involve any creative intervention any individual. Through painting, the artists always try to bring out the impression of a certain object, but there are certain flaws in painting that opposes the artist to reflect the realism of the object (Philosophy Now, 2014). Thus, with the invention of digital photography, the representation of objects became more realistic. It overcomes the fingerprint evidence found in painting and replicates the real picture of the object. Photography began its history with the invention of digital photography, which involves the progressive change in the medium of recordings like photographic film or CCD sensor. However, in order to make the representation of the image of any object realistic and improve the quality of the image, digital photography was introduced. With the help of digital photography, the cinema industry has been highly benefited. However, there is a great controversy regarding the fact that whether the digital film is the developed version of analogue film or it is a completely new medium (University of Amsterdam, 2012. Offscreen, 2014. Metelerkamp, 2001).

In this regard, the essay focuses on the statement made by Andre Bazin relating to photography. In addition, the discussion emphasizes the development of digital photography as progress and a new ontological understanding.

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Need an research paper on the ontology of photographic image. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.
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In the ontology of photographic image, Andre Bazin has shown the expectations of the plastic arts. He has also outlined how these expectations are similar or different from the expectations of cinema. Andre Bazin noted that the main goal of plastic art is to preserve bodily appearance or the physical reality for a certain period.

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