Need an research paper on the ideal government system. Needs to be 12 pages. Please no plagiarism. The fact that this methodology views each individual as a potential or an actual sovereign person by nature then this means that this form of democracy has a political motivation aimed at improving the civic society (Ackerman, 2009). Liberal democracy can therefore be defined by identifying the culture, form, practice, and theories associated with it.

The origins of liberal democracy can be traced back to the 18th century. At that period only emperors and kings were the recognized rulers. The leaders thought that democracies were unstable as the government had to constantly remind people about their duties meaning that the people were unfit to make reasonable choices. Rousseau and Hobbes challenged their assumptions with the social contract vision (John, 2013). The vision supported the concepts of equality, liberty, and reason. The French and American revolutions had principles with a similar characteristic, that everyone was created equally and that governments should serve people and not vice versa. European monarchies might have fought defensive actions during the 19th century but liberal democratic ideals took firm roots among the general population. In the middle of the 19th-century communism became the biggest setback for liberal democracy. By 1991, when the cold war was ending, there were only a small number of communist nations left. The Soviet Union was no more and China was also abandoning any form of communism, a move that Karl Marx could have easily detected (Campbell, 2012). Francis Fukuyama revealed that liberal democracy had gained a dominant position in the government’s theories and was very popular in many of the states.

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Need an research paper on the ideal government system. Needs to be 12 pages. Please no plagiarism.
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There many ways of defining liberal democracy, but professional political scientists define it using specific features like a constitution or universal suffrage that allows power-sharing between the judiciary, legislature, and&nbsp.executive. A flourishing public society, a powerful middle class, and the rule of law are some of the features characterizing liberal democracies. Another feature is the acceptance and embrace of opposition parties with the perception that one day they can form the national government.&nbsp.

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