Need an research paper on the design of basic mechanical systems. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. Design, performance and utility of a single spindle drilling machine are evaluated and discussed in this report.

Drilling is among the fundamental machining procedures of making holes that are widely used in manufacturing industries such as the automobile industry, semiconductors, aerospace industry, watch manufacturing industry and medical industries. Drilling machines are used for cutting circular holes, including dug-in holes, in items using a rotating component known as a bit or drill. During the action of the rotating component of the drill, the item remains stationary. This report presents the procedure entailed in the design of a free-standing single spindle drilling machine for a machine shop with spindle turning at 3000 rpm. The spindle shaft is driven by an electric motor through a suitable drive and the motor power is 1.5KW.

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Need an research paper on the design of basic mechanical systems. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.
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Drilling is essential in many industries for assembly associated with mechanical fasteners. For instance, it is reported that approximately 55000 holes are drilled as an entire single unit fabrication of the Airbus A350 aircraft. Drilling of metals is gradually more required as artifacts become tinier and more vastly functional. The requirement of deeper and tinier holes needed in such industries necessitates that drilling process technologies achieve higher productivity and higher accuracy. Various conventional and nonconventional fabrication processes that use drilling exist, but conventional drilling processes are ideal for general applications due to their greater economical gains compared to other processes and their high productivity.

Single spindle drilling machines are used in the mechanical industry in order to maximize the productivity of machining systems when drilling holes in a workpiece. The spindle is driven by a motor and fed into the workpiece. The feeding motions are attained either by&nbsp.lowering the drill heads or raising the work table. Drill jigs are used to guide the drills in the workpiece during mass production work in order to achieve accurate results.

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