Need an research paper on the benefits and some useful applications of argon. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. Pursuing further experimentation and lab research, many scientists found the presence of hydrogen in the air. Ultimately, scientist Ramsay carried an experiment by removing hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide from the air. The balance left was an unknown gas that would not have any reaction with other components. Ramsay and Rayleigh presented their paper with these findings, naming the unknown gas as “Argon”, which came from the Greek word ‘Argos’, meaning inactive.

Facts about Argon

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Need an research paper on the benefits and some useful applications of argon. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.
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It is a colorless non-metal noble gas, having atomic weight of 39.948 and has 18, each, electrons and protons. Its melting point is (-)189.3 degree centigrade and boiling point is (-)185.3 degrees. Its atomic value is 22.4 cu. M per mol.

According to Lord Raleigh, the total weight of this gas in earth’s atmosphere is around 65 trillion metric tons, which means that almost 9 metric tons of Argon can be allocated to each person on this planet. (stewart)

IUPAC changed the symbol of Argon to ‘Ar’ from ‘A’, in 1957. While carbon dating can help in finding the age of rocks, up to last 60 thousand years, the potassium-argon and argon-argon dating can help scientists in finding the dates of rocks, much older than this period.

The radioactive decay of potassium – 40 is responsible for creation of majority of stable argon, as 99 percent of this gas on earth is argon – 40. However, argon – 36 is found, far away from earth, as this isotope is synthesized with silicon in an abundant manner.

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The above is an infrared image being 10000 years away in the galaxy of this planet, as the glow on this picture indicates the presence of argon gas. (Stewart)

Benefits of Argon

The most common application of Argon gas is found in the manufacture of windows and other glass panes that require insulation. Using this noble gas in such applications gives the following advantages.

• Very reasonable cost

Argon is cheap mainly due to its massive presence in our atmosphere, as it makes almost 0.9 percent of the earth’s atmosphere. In addition, the nature-friendly property of Argon makes it easier for applications like filling the gap between the two glass panes.

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