Need an research paper on system of american exceptionalism. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism. Enthusiasts of the myth of American exceptionalism need a radical change on the conception of the nation and the world around if any efforts against racism, human rights violation, and other ills are to bear fruit.

The United States of America has had different descriptions in the past two centuries by some of its prominent leaders, ranging from titles like the indispensable nation, free world leader, and the best last hope of earth, the empire of liberty, and the shining city on a hill. These descriptions constitute the concept of American exceptionalism. This is an ideology that America’s political system, history, and values are unique in the universe (Jacobs). Moreover, enthusiasts of the ideology argue that the US is entitled and destined to play a positive and distinct role in the universe.

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Need an research paper on system of american exceptionalism. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.
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The concept is an international debate among specialists and experts from all lifestyles, from law to former US government officials. Among them is Ted Bromund, a senior research fellow from Margret Thatcher Center for Freedom. Bromund advocates for the American exceptionalism ideology, mainly basing his arguments on the history of the great nation. On the other end of the debate are individuals like Harold Hongju Koh, a laws specialist, and former government officials in both Reagan’s and Clinton’s administrations. Koh, argues that American exceptionalism has two facets, the good, and the bad. This paper focuses on the arguments of Koh and Bromund to assert that American exceptionalism has both the good side and the bad side.

In the article American Exceptionalism and its Enemies, Bromund strongly argues that the US is an exceptional state. Bromund begins his statement by pointing out that America has the oldest and the most capitalistic liberal democracy. He further re-asserts that it was the first nation whose foundation was on the belief of inherent human rights, also the first&nbsp.nation founded because of colonial power rebellion, as well being the first nation to recognize the power of the government as consent from its citizens.&nbsp.

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