Need an research paper on social media and public relations. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.

There are different roles and responsibilities that have been defined for public relations practitioners to fulfill in different organizations. The scope of public relations in different countries may vary, but the basic tenets that define the career remain outstanding even on an international front. A public relations practitioner must strive to layout evident mechanics that ensure an organization’s policies are communicated effectively to the concerned public. In addition, this profession involves getting feedback from the organization’s publics and delivering it to the organizations in a bid to influence the formulation of policies (Moss, Warnaby, & Newman, 2010).

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Need an research paper on social media and public relations. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.
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In the modern definition of public relations, theorists in this field have placed emphasis on the role of practitioners as ensuring that the organization has a constant understanding of the views exhibited by different publics concerning the organization’s operations. There is a need for practitioners to exhibit the expertise of serving as an organization’s corporate conscience. Notably, this profession determines the perception of the public concerning a certain brand or an organization and its products.

In order to ensure that the perception is positive, the public relations practitioner must serve as a corporate monitor (Moss, Warnaby, & Newman, 2010). This means that the practitioner must influence the organization’s policies in a bid to meet the expectations of different publics.Social Media and Public RelationsThe 21st-century business front is defined by the evident presence and influence of social media. Unlike in the past when the internet was only accessible to a small percentage of the population, the modern era has seen many people having access to the internet.

Increased accessibility to the internet has led to the development of social networking sites whereby a great percentage of the population indulges in different levels of interactions. Evidently, social media has introduced a virtual public sphere, which proves to be much more rigorous and active compared to the traditional publics addressed by the public relations practitioners in the past. Worth noting is the fact that social media has served to change communication models, introducing new realms of communication models online.

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