Need an research paper on psychological models of violence. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism. Psychologists examine individuals’ mental processes rather than the biological aspects and assess why and how tendencies for violence are developed. According to many psychologists, violence can be linked to an individual’s personality, intelligence and the learning process.

Psychological theories of violence mainly argue that human beings are violent either because they learn and get conditioned to the behaviour or they develop personalities that give them violence tendencies. Many believe that the two aspects play a significant role in explaining violence in human beings. Others believe that aggression has always been part of human nature and due to competition for various resources, despair and suffering arise leading to violence.

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Need an research paper on psychological models of violence. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism.
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By frequently watching others, many people are able to assimilate and learn how to successfully repeat the observed actions. This process of acquiring the observed behaviour can be explained using the social learning theory. Behavioural theorists like Bandura, Miller and Dollard suggested that human behaviours can be learned. Psychologists claim that social learning theory can be used to explain how people acquire violent behaviours. They claim that violent behaviours can be learned through the same processes involved in developing other forms of human behaviours. The theory implies that violence can be acquired by observing others as they engage in violent acts, imitating them or experiencing violence.

The person whose behaviour is observed and imitated is referred to as a model. That is why some people who have undesirable behaviours are called bad role models. People are warned against associating or constantly interacting with them as one might acquire the unacceptable behaviour. Certain individuals bearing unique characteristics are more likely to become models for a particular person. These may include the people that one has the same interests with, powerful people for example relatives, teachers and celebrities, and caring people like parents or partners.

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