Need an research paper on painting and activism works by frida kahlo. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. The painting portrayed her feeling at the moment from which she was enabled to create paintings of herself.

After realizing her ability to paint, she later became an activist. Her activism was realized by her relationship with a fellow activist, Diego Rivera. Her painting attracted the audience in Paris, New York and major cities across the west and Europe (Zamora. 1995). Apart from her exceptional paintings, Kahlo was perceived as a woman who empowered other women through her sacrifice and the fact that she took part in activism at a time when it was regarded as a social and political ill.

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Need an research paper on painting and activism works by frida kahlo. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.
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The selection to focus on Ms. Kahlo is based on the fact that she is regarded as one of the phenomena women in the globe for her contribution her country. In addition, Kahlo was an agent of change to the society as well as an empowerment tool. Her selection is based on the fact that she redefined misfortunes as a source of opportunity. Additionally, Kahlo betrayed personal traitors the same as heroine in the field of art as well as activism (Budrys, 1996).

Frida Kahlo could be described as a smart woman considering the quality of her works. In addition her performance in school was exceptional. During her childhood, many girls shied away from education due to the low significance it was perceived by at the time. However, Kahlo was never denied the opportunity to study. She had a hunger for education and her performance reflected the same. After her accident Kahlo’s cognitive abilities were further displayed. In an argument by Zamora (1995) her paintings reflected a smart and a woman influenced by her will to portray her personal feelings. The author further points out that the art created by Kahlo was exceptional and of top quality considering the minimal depth of art at the time. Her paintings also gained global recognition as she was invited to major cities to display her artwork.

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