Need an research paper on online forms of communication. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Since the emergence of online forms of communication such as YouTube, there has been a battle fought between YouTube and the broadcast media with the intention of winning, engaging, and retaining the audience. Although broadcast media such as TV are viewed as the winner of this battle, for the time being, expert media professionals opine that YouTube would eventually dominate broadcast media in the near future. It is obvious that the way the world lives has changed significantly over the last decade, and in this dynamic digital world, consumers have switched their demand from TV to YouTube for meeting a significant per cent of their video content needs.

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Need an research paper on online forms of communication. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.
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YouTube videos provide the audience with extensive exposure in order to serve their information and entertainment needs and to connect with like-minded individuals. Another benefit of online forms of communication like YouTube is that people can respond to the video contents and actively interact with others. However many people still hold the view that YouTube is not an authentic medium as anyone is free to post videos on YouTube. This paper will evaluate whether or not online forms of communication such as YouTube involve a new kind of mediated authenticity absent from broadcast media.

The recently developed online forms of communication such as YouTube are fast gaining wider audience coverage mainly because of their user-centred features. YouTube has invested heavily in improving and popularizing its product/service offerings in an effort to obtain a clear dominance over the broadcast media. For this, YouTube tries to form close relationship production companies and other businesses and to enhance its pay-per-view films package. Recently, it has launched projects like YouTube Comedy Week to promote the interests of consumers across the globe.

Experts suggest that YouTube’s ambition to grow up can be achieved sooner than what traditional broadcasters expect.While considering the aspect of authenticity, it is relevant to say that YouTube allows communicative practices with the intent to establish new forms of mediated participatory culture.&nbsp.

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