Need an research paper on khafres pyramid. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. The pyramid had two passageways: a single subsidiary chamber and one burial chamber. The complex mortuary temple had many sculptures of the king that were about 52 in number (Lehner109). The mortuary was an improved enhancement of the previous pyramid built by his father, king Khufu.

Khafre ´s pyramid had a steeper angle of slope and was built on a rising ground. thus, giving the perception that his pyramid was actually bigger than that of his father. The pyramid’s actual dimensions constituted a height of 143.5m and a base of 215m. this automatically proved that the monument was actually smaller than that of his father. Astonishingly the pyramid was preserved to full height by casing stones mounted at the apex. In 1816, Belzoni became the first person to step into the pyramid in modern history. He revealed that the underground chambers and upper entrances existed. While excavating the valley temple Auguste Mariette in 1860 found seven sculptures of Khafre (Varner 78). He also found a magnificent diorite statue of the king being guarded by a Horus falcon. The diorite statue is believed to be one of the greatest Egyptian sculptures and is currently in a museum in Cairo.

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Need an research paper on khafres pyramid. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.
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The pyramid’s core was constructed on a leveled terrace that had irregular rough limestone blocks. The blocks were left behind when Tura limestone blocks were eroded in antiquity. Just below the casing that remained, there were traces of regular shaped stones. however, the lower side of the southern region of the outer skin of the pyramid was still made up of red granite. The northern section of the pyramid had two entrances that included the upper entrance and the lower entrance. The first entrance had a height of about 11.5 meters, which led to a corridor that straightened to join another passage that was from the lower entrance. Currently, the lower entrance is still used to access the structure at the ground level.&nbsp.

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