Need an research paper on heart and circulation. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. The arteries undergo excellent hydrostatic pressure. The hydrostatic pressure is an ideal means of pushing fluids through the cellular wall. The walls of the arteries are so thick that the pressure cannot work alone (Pickering et al. 2005). There needs to be an outer fluid that facilitates diffusion out the arteries. In the opposite case, the walls of the capillaries are thin in order to allow the hydrostatic pressure to act gently in diffusing substances (Agustine 2000).

Permeable membrane plays a role in the fluid passage to the body and out of the body through diffusion. The fluids passed are of different nature and concentration (Agustine 2000). Their passage is dependent on some factors. These factors include pressure, concentration, and temperature of the molecules or solutes covering either side of a permeable membrane. The membrane and the solute are also factors that affect the permeability pressure (Sharon & Emily 2006). Alongside membrane and solute other factors such as solute size, solubility, property, and chemistry may also affect the strength of the permeability layer. In order for a membrane to function well, its permeability is designed to withstand certain levels of pressure (Agustine 2000). The lipid bilayer is a permeable membrane example. The plasma membrane surrounds the biological cells within the lipid bilayer. Phospholipids are also a semi-permeable membrane that is very specific to their tasks (Sharon & Emily 2006). The semipermeable membranes in the human body allow the passage of water and crystalloids from the blood. Even so, it does not allow the passage of plasma proteins. Most of the body cells lie outside the blood capillaries and vessels. Consequently, all the cells will require a balanced utilization of foods and waste disposal. The arteries are created of thick walls that will allow the diffusion of materials (Agustine 2000).

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Need an research paper on heart and circulation. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.
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The arteries are involved in the transport of blood to the capillaries. The thin walls of the capillaries allow the permeability of water, food substances, and oxygen through to the individual cells (Pickering et al. 2005). Intercellular substances and tissue fluids vary in order to create accurate pressure for distribution. Some parts maintain the intercellular substances as solutions and in such a case, the tissue fluid acts as a medium for dispersion of colloidal amorphous substances. In some cases, the amorphous substance exists as a rigid gel (Agustine 2000).

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