Need an research paper on government regulation of business. Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism. Government Regulation of Business Government Regulation of Business Most business organizations operating in the country identify themselves with four major environments namely political, environmental, social and technological environments. As far as the politician environment is concerned, government regulations of these businesses play very vital role in determining the course of business operations. Indeed several debates and discussions have gone on in the public on the effects of government regulation of businesses and whether or not these regulations should be expanded. Macaray (2013) argues that there is the need for more government regulation on business to be increased and intensified than is currently experienced. The reason for this argument is that government regulation sets a very fair business operating ground for all businesses to operate. Kain (2013) will however not support this opinion, saying that the regulations often foster the need for rigorous competition between companies, resulting in the untimely collapse of smaller businesses.

Generalizing the ideas gathered above, Holt (2013) expresses the opinion that there are generally five (5) major areas of government regulations and the perspective from which a particular business takes the regulation determines the effect that these would have on their operations. The five government regulations identified by Holt (2013) are in the areas of advertisement, employment and labor, environmental, privacy, and safety and health issues. Based on the five major areas of government regulations outlined by Holt (2013), the Best Practice website (2013) indicates that the absence of any of the key government regulatory indicators would lead to serious market failures in the areas of “insufficient information for the public, injustice to customers, Failure to comply with State and Firm Regulations, unjust compensation, and Unaffordability increases”.

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Need an research paper on government regulation of business. Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism.
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