Need an research paper on early childhood learning guidelines. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. The division of Early childhood (DEC) was initially conceptualized in 1991 to provide guidance to the intervention methods and measures in early childhood and special education for children. These methods that were meant to develop the skills and capabilities of children from an early age have been in use in different States as they try and structure their practices around these concepts stated in the DEC. There are changes that have been implemented from the original document of recommendations and since growth is a process and the changes that are implemented are on a developmental process this is deemed to continue as states look to equip themselves with the best intervention practices and measures. One of the programs that have been very effective and can be contrasted against the State of Minnesota program in the State of Maine Early Childhood Learning Guidelines.

The Guidelines were drafted by a task force that was selected from different sectors and representative of the interests of the people that are affected by drawing from the professionals and experts from other states. The program was instituted to give guidelines and the governing principles to the early care and educational practitioners’ effort to improve early childhood education practice for young children. The Task Force was formed in 2002 and was mainly aimed at developing the best practices for early learning practices. The program was mainly conceptualized to be in line with the National Legislation and initiatives that were looking to ensure that every child had the best development structure and did not suffer due to having the wrong development structure in place (National Research Council). The framework that was instituted looked to enhance the development of the children from 3 to five years and was looking to strengthen school readiness efforts across local, state and federal early care education systems.

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Need an research paper on early childhood learning guidelines. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.
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The program targeted different domains in child development and was looking to improve not only the academic part of the children but also the developmental and analysis of different aspects of their lives.

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