Need an research paper on an event that led to an important decision. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism. An Event That Led to an Important Decision

They say time heals all wounds. I say there is a new beginning for each end…

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Need an research paper on an event that led to an important decision. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.
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The first white morning of that distant 1951 had dawned, the day when the lifeless body of Mary would be laid in the frozen womb of the ground. Only a few attended the funeral – Nicholas (the late Mary’s husband), the landlords Vivien and John, their five-year-old son Alexander, and the newborn Lora. Only the previous day, Mary had died in labour giving birth to Lora… The caretakers put the coffin in the ground, everybody (even Alexander) threw a handful of dirt, and a single red rose lay on top after the dug grave had been covered…

With the first spring sun rays, Alexander wanted to play outside, or go for a walk in the near park, but he would not go without his “little Princess” (as he used to call Lora), so on his insistence his parents bought a perambulator for Lora. Nicholas could not afford it, as he was only a poor factory worker. Lora’s first smiles were directed to Alexander…

A few years later Nicholas and Lora had to move out of their landlords’ house because the rent was too high for Nicholas to pay. Lora became too serious for her age and was a good daughter, an excellent student and a terrific housekeeper, but there was always some sadness in her eyes her teachers in high-school could not understand. Actually, Lora missed her mother, and felt sorry for her father who worked himself out every day to provide for her education. Lora dreamed of becoming famous and rich almost every night not because she loved money, of course, but only to help her father and forget about the misery she was living in, so she kept studying very hard to become a successful businesswoman some day…

As it happens in all love and life stories, Lora and Alexander met again when she was 16, fell in love with each other and were blissfully happy during their studies. However, after finishing his studies at the university (civil engineering), Alexander found a job in a construction company and was sent on an assignment to Libya. He never found out he had left Lora pregnant with his child and stopped any communication. Lora went to France, committed her life to her son Angel and to her job, and vowed she would never let herself fall in love again. Forty years later, they met again, both of them embittered old people, tired of living their lives without love and affection, especially Alexander keeping asking himself had it all been worth? Finding out about Lora’s child, at first, Alexander was furious thinking she has had an affair with someone right after his leaving the country. When he looked into Lora’s eyes, he found out the whole truth and Lora’s undying love for him, and realized Angel was actually his son…

Alexander’s leaving her, has made Lora make a wrong decision not to ever love again which affected her whole future life. Love is what we need to survive. On the other hand, it is not that she had no love in her heart. It is just that in her heart, she had a secret nook to store her only and true love for the “Prince Charming” of her childhood.

Their second getting together was an event that triggered old and deeply buried feelings in both of them and their lives still run in another course – they are happy now. It was not too late for them to start afresh even at the age of over sixty. Time moves on by a straight line, but never stops. One has to find the strength to move on courageously even after the most terrifying misfortunes in life.

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