Need an research paper on american and african folk songs. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. African American folk songs have also made a huge contribution to American folk music in general. Notable African American artists have brought into American folk music the traditional African renditions thereby giving rise to new ways of musical expression and genres including jazz, soul, blues, zydeco, hip-hop, and so on. African American influences are strong and deep-rooted, based on themes such as slavery, personal empowerment, development, and other social struggles faced by African American forefathers. To a great extent, African American music articulates the cultural experiences of the African American diaspora community living in the United States. Although not completely dominated by African American folk music, American folk music does present a very diverse set of influences including local ethnic and European influences shaping the American folk culture.

American folk music provided a great way of recording American experiences in farms, ranches, churches, schoolyards, cities, clubs, and prisons. Folk musicians sought to describe their lives through folk music. Folk music incorporated cowboy ballads, work songs, church choir songs, patriotic songs, field holler, blues, and other songs that expressed traditional values and forms (“Folk Music and Song”, n.pag.). While a major number of traditional folk songs were oral many collectors made journeys into several areas so as to record as many folk songs as possible. It had been soon realized that if such efforts were not made, American folk music was under the danger of being lost. Since folk music is considered to be an important aspect of culture, thus the preservation of traditional American folk music was considered imperative so as to maintain the culturally rich American music.

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Need an research paper on american and african folk songs. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.
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