Need an research paper on about this star—enif. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. The star. enif has many other names attributed to it. It also goes by the names Os Pegasi, Enf, Al Anf , Enf, Enir or Fom. Enf, Al Anf, Enf and Enir are obtained from the Arabic word, Al Anf which means “The Nose of the horse. Os Pegasi also means the same only that it is a Latin translation.

It is a supergiant that is cool and orange in color. It falls under the constellation named Pegasus. The estimated age of this star is 15 million years and is distanced at 673 light years. The spectral class and visual magnitude are K2 and 2.39 respectively. Absolute magnitude of the star is around -4.19. In relation to the sun, Enif exhibits 6700 times more luminosity, its mass is 10 times more than that of the sun and its diameter is 661 times more than that of the sun. It is the brightest star in its constellation. The orange colored giant changes its size gradually and unevenly. It is subject to ferocious eruptions at various times. a phenomenon that is yet to find a conclusive explanation.

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Need an research paper on about this star—enif. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.
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The constellation in which Enif falls under is called Pegasus. Pegasus is seventh inn size of all the constellations in the sky. It assumes a square shape often referred to as “the Great Square of Pegasus”. It has a total of 8 stars and occupies 1121 square degrees area. It falls under the location between -60 and +90 degrees latitudes. Enif is the brightest of the stars at 522 L/Y. Enif is not part of the square but it forms a winged horse structure midway from the square. The other dominant stars in the constellation are Scheat, Markab, Algenib, Homan, Matar, Baham and Salm.

It is subject to myth that Pegasus was a winged horse who emanated from the neck of Medusa when she was being beheaded by Perseus. The horse obtained a hero status for helping Bellerophon to conquer Chimera (a fire spitting adversary). In the end, Pegasus was turned into a constellation that is visible during the beginning of the month of October.

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