Need an research paper on a press release. Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism. Press Release Press Release Contact: telephone number) Email: New model gives boost to health workers’ training

A new form of the evaluation system that will enable the students of different medical institutions across the world to test whether they are contributing to the improvement of health conditions within their local societies.

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Need an research paper on a press release. Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism.
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ABC HEALTH CARE is a worldwide association of health care institutions. Its aim is to train a new generation which would include talented health workers such as doctors, nurses, housewives, and various other health professionals. ABC HEALTH CARE measures its success on the basis of how well it meets the needs and demands of the people, and aims to create awareness among the people engaged in various health professions.

The framework for the evaluation system was created by considering the experiences of various health care institutions, which were willing to improve the health issues in different areas, such urban, rural, and other regions. By using of the evaluation framework, the participating health care organizations helped train the graduates in a way that they can meet the standards of the profession.

All those institutions which have used the framework had the chance to be a part of ABC HEALTH CARE. Professor X, Dean of XYZ University of the USA, who attended a recent seminar organized by ABC HEALTH CARE, appreciated the use and significance of the evaluation system. He stated that social accountability has now become a decisive factor for the health care organizations and it should be the core mission of every health care institution to strive further to improve health services and meet the needs of the people.

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Note: Since the institutions and persons discussed in this press release are all fictional, the author has used alphabet letters as names.


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