Need an research paper on a book is a persons best friend. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism. Mid-Term Exam Prompt. I have always been interested in reading and writing. As a child, growing up in Saudi Arabia, I grew to love the fantasy world which books described and spent many happy hours reading about genies and magic. I totally agree with the saying that a book is a person’s best friend. Over the years, I have developed a fascination for the human emotions and the changing personal relationships shown in books. I have a weakness for romance! I love reading books by (give Arabic author’s name) as they have human passions as their theme. As far as writing goes, I must confess that my only writing has been the essays of my school work. I have never had the opportunity, or the confidence, to try my hand at creative writing. In fact, the idea of becoming a writer never crossed my mind. I held the view that ‘Writing is very difficult’ and is suitable only for very gifted, clever persons.

I started learning English only in the seventh grade. Unfortunately, English remained a difficult foreign language to be studied at school, and I did not do any reading outside of my classes. I completed High School in Saudi Arabia without doing any additional reading in English. On my arrival in the United States as a baccalaureate student, I was fully occupied with making adjustments to a strange country and culture. As I started my study of Respiratory Therapy at the University of Indianapolis, I was completely focused on meeting my academic requirements and did not do any reading. It is my good fortune that English 102 is a part of my course.

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Need an research paper on a book is a persons best friend. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.
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English 102 has rekindled my interest in reading. I am totally surprised at the variety of books available in English. There is something to suit the taste of every individual. I realize that, to this point of my life, I have made the mistake of ignoring any reading or writing which did not fall into my academic syllabus. I have been introduced to poems and stories which have opened a new world for me. I consider it a success that I am beginning to understand and deeply enjoy reading stories and poems in English. The delight I get is definitely worth the effort. I am also slowly beginning to think that I can also try to write! Of course, I realize that this is going to be a very slow process, as I have a long way to go in mastering the English language. But I am developing the confidence that I can read and write good English.

The piece of short fiction which has kindled a genuine delight in English literature in me is Ernest Hemingway’s story, “Hills Like White Elephants.” I am fascinated by the relationship between the American girl and her boyfriend. The story made me realize that the exploitation of women is not confined only to the male-dominated societies of the Middle East and Asia, but also exists in some form even in Western societies. The man is determined to make the girl have an abortion and, at the same time, he is not willing to take the responsibility for the decision. The loneliness of the girl in that situation touched my heart. I was particularly moved by her passionate appeal to the man: “Doesn’t it mean anything to you? We could get along.” It is clear that she wants to have the baby and it is a part of her love for the man. However, to the man, the baby means nothing. To the girl, this means that her love means nothing to the man. I am glad that she decides to end her relationship with a man who does not love her. I also admire her courageous choice to keep the baby. Hemingway leaves many things unsaid in the story. At the same time, the reader is able to understand the girl’s feelings. I have come to understand that this makes the story a truly great piece of writing.

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