Name a medically relevant Gram-negative bacterium and the specific disease/illness that it causes (i.e. not a broad condition, such as gastroenteritis). (2 marks)

b. Write brief notes on the composition and mechanism of action of one bacterial endotoxin and one bacterial exotoxin.

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Name a Medically Relevant Gram-negative Bacterium and the specific Disease/Illness that it Causes
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In each case, name the toxin you are describing and the bacterium that it comes from. Mandatory word limit: no more than 200 words in total. (6 marks)

c. In addition to your reading of materials, this part of the question requires you to do some online/library research.

Table 5.3 in Unit 5 Section 3 lists several clinically relevant antibiotics. Choose one named antibiotic from any of the first three drug classes listed (i.e. β-lactams, glycopeptide, or isoniazid), and research the effect your chosen antibiotic has on the bacterial cell wall.

Briefly describe what you discover, and explain how this antibiotic helps to prevent or limit infection (mandatory word limit: no Tutor-Marked Assignment 02 3 of 6 more than 200 words in total).

Write brief notes (mandatory word limit: no more than 200 words) on two such ways in which bacteria can become resistant to antibacterial drugs. Use specific examples of bacteria and drugs for each of your notes. You are not limited to discussing the same drug class you described in Part (c) of this question and you


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