The Multicultural Scholastic Award Program targets academically talented students from diverse backgrounds. The following essay should provide insight into the student’s appreciation for diverse cultures within the UNT Community. MSA Scholars contribute their time and knowledge of cultural inclusivity to the local community and UNT campus. The following essay is an opportunity for candidates to express their appreciation for diversity, service, and higher education. Each essay should address the following questions and prompts, and should not exceed 1,000 words.  The essay should be completed and submitted in an external program (ex: Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, etc.) and uploaded utilizing the link below.
1). Write a brief autobiography that describes your motivation for pursuing a college degree (bachelors, masters, or doctorate)
2). Recipients of the Multicultural Scholastic Award are extremely active in community services on UNT’s campus as well as in the Denton community. Please discuss how your community service involvement as a community member has helped your personal and professional development.
3). How has your cultural background and your involvement with diverse activities at your school or in your community helped you appreciate diversity? How will these experiences help you to contribute to diverse and cultural activities at UNT?
4). How will the MSA Scholarship help you achieve your educational goals? Please do not focus on how the scholarship will benefit you financially, but rather how it will enrich your educational experience.
5). Please share any information you feel is important to the selection committee.

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