Paper instructions:

In order to write coherent, persuasive essays, writers must use a variety of academic skills, including research, analytical and evaluative skills. A convincing writer has, at his or her fingertips, credible information on the issue he or she discusses, or the writer must do some research to obtain that information.

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Mental Health in United States.
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While issues permeate our society both in the United States and globally, some issues are infused with multiple perspectives, producing more tension than others. As a topic for this essay, choose a complex issue within education that allows you to identify tensions, perspectives, and possibilities within and around that issue. You can choose an issue within American education or an issue with education globally.

You must write an essay that presents the problem (your chosen education issue), discusses why the issue is such a problem, and persuades readers that the issue is one that needs attention, including why the issue needs attention. The goal of your essay is to convince fellow classmates that the educational issue is important and should be changed.

My topic is Mental health in the United states and what can be done to improve the mental health of students.

Be sure to incorporate the following:1. Research and support for your position

2. A thorough discussion of why your topic is such a problem

3. Why it is important to change the problem

4. What benefits will result if the problem is solved

Assignment Requirements

1. Five pages typed, double spaced in 12 point Times New Roman font

2. Correct documentation of information from your sources (St. Martin’s Handbook, Chapter 32).

3. Five smoothly integrated quotations from at least five appropriate academic or likewise reliable and viable sources. (Remember that Wikipedia is NOT a viable source. You will receive zero points if you use Wikipedia.)

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