Week 4 Module 1 – Discussion Board: Maternal and Infant Mortality Rates
The United States has the highest rates of maternal and infant mortality compared with other developed nations. Read the below article from the New York Times Magazine. It describes health disparities around maternal and infant mortality in black women- a group that suffers from high rates of poor pregnancy and birth outcomes.

Discuss the causes of maternal and infant health disparities in black women in America. Compare rates of maternal and infant mortality data for your community broken down by race and ethnicity. What are the goals the nation has set to address this disparity and what are we doing to address it (see Healthy People)? ( please read and use it in the assignment)
Discuss the role of institutional racism as an underlying contributor to poor health outcomes for black women and infants.

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Maternal and Infant Mortality Rates
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How can health policy be used to decrease these health disparities? Identify current policies and other ideas you may have that be helpful.

Why America’s Black Mothers and Babies Are in a Life-or-Death Crisis


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