Marketing Plan (all should based on the stage one that I completed)itv should talk about Apple ‘s New ipad ProThis is an individual project where you will develop a comprehensive marketing plan for ‘businessto consumer’, tangible product for an existing Fortune 500 company. Consider this as your FinalExam. We will use Appendix One in our text as our guide for your Marketing Plan.The Plan will be delivered in two stages:Stage One(already finished) Each student will provide a two-page, single-spaced, business block format proposal for thecompany and product/service you will use for your Plan. In the proposal include: a companyprofile including a brief five-year financial overview and its current marketing situation.Helpful sources for this assignment include: Datamonitor, Hoovers, Mergent, IBIS World –from our library databases.Stage Two This is your final. In week eleven, each student will submit his or her marketing plan document. This is a 25 page, double-spaced, typed document. The framework of the marketing plan is Appendix Two in the Armstrong/Kotler textbook.(file1-5) Ten minimum, quality references are required (APA format) Submission through Safe Assignment is mandatory The Marketing Plan is an independent project testing your discipline of self-directedstudy. You are encouraged to start early and use your TA’s office hours to gainfeedback. Manage this time carefully as your TA will need to balance his or her timeas the term comes to an end. Consider this paper your ‘final exam’ and note that thepaper will stand the test of safe assignment. ..

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Marketing Plan (all should based on the stage one that I co
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